Who I Am

I am Lindsay Higginbotham. I am a strong-willed, heart-on-my-sleeve, red-headed explorer and adventurer. I try to live each day to its’ full potential, which sometimes for me, involves hopping on a plane or beginning a long road trip to a new destination!

I grew up in Richmond, Virginia and after high school, I ran with my passion for helping others and pursued a career in social work. I now have my master’s in social work and am pursuing my license to do individual and family therapy in the future. Currently, I work in foster care and live in Charlottesville, Virginia  with my fiancee, Alex, and our adorable Australian Shepherd mixed pup, Banjo. Alex and I have been together for almost eight years and will finally be tying the knot this October! He is my forever adventure partner. With travel, work, and planning a wedding, things can get pretty hectic, but I still somehow find time to manage some of my other favorite things: run and work out, explore Charlottesville, spend time with friends and family, practice photography, learn new vegetarian recipes, read, take Banjo to the dog park, eat massive amounts of Chipotle, expertly binge-watch Netflix, have silly dance parties in the living room, and jam to 90s r&b non-stop.

That’s just a little bit about me. So….

Why a Focus on Travel?

During my teenage years, I was lucky enough to travel to some pretty cool places with my family: San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, almost every state on the east coast, Guatemala, and the island some people dream of their whole lives, the beautiful Bora Bora. All of that traveling at a young age left a spark inside me that has only exploded over the years. Travel now feeds my very soul!

Why travel? First, who doesn’t love a vacation? But, one a more serious note, I think my social work background and empathetic nature have always led me to want to know more about people, where they come from, and about their cultures. Also, I always want to know more, feel more, do more, see more. Traveling the world feeds into my restless nature, my yearning for new information and experiences. It embraces all of the senses and makes me feel alive. I am ever-so passionate about what I do for work, but travel also provides the release I need from the every-day chug of a 9 to 5 job, relaxation and excitement when I need it the most.

Why 20 Everything?

20 Everything began from this meaning…

The term “20 something” is so often used in a negative way, to mean people in their 20s are naive, but also that the twenties is a fleeting feeling and as you creep towards 30, your youth is disintegrating. Well, I don’t believe that’s true. I believe in a 20 Everything, that your 20s can be an exhilarating, and youthful time, but that the feeling you have in your twenties doesn’t have to stop there. I realize I’m not 30 yet, but I want to believe that my life can continue to be filled with adventure and hope and the joy of the twenties years. I have been told, “travel before you have kids” or “while you’re still young.” I want to take that passion into the rest of my years.

…and has also evolved to this:

20 Everything means living life to your fullest. Seeing, doing, feeling, loving, and embracing everything that this world has to offer us. It means saying yes to life.


What I Hope for You

I hope you enjoy 20 everything and can find something in its pages that excites you. I hope you learn to find the same joy from traveling as I do. I hope you can find some of your favorite destinations through the site and make lasting memories when you finally get to explore a bucket list location. I hope you live a 20 Everything life.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or things you’d like to see on the site!

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